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Happy New Year Tribe! 𝐎𝐧𝐞 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝 will change your life! A few years ago I got this book the, “ One Word that will change your life.” I read it every year again to remind myself. And I’ve led groups of women to figure out their one word...

Good Afternoon Tribe! Here are 2 things that will support you in your 2021 ONE WORD to last beyond the New Year! Many of you did the intentional work to get solid on your one word!! If you haven’t told me yours, I’m so curious...

How are you so damn happy all the time? I’m about to tell you one of my secrets. It’s a recipe that I’ve been using since college. I plan my life. I am a nut for having multiple calendars to track all the fun, the work, the everything that I get to do (and be) in this one and only precious life...

I’m inside a community that supports BIG, BIG, BIG POSSIBILITIES! When they asked each one of us to declare a vision we had for ourselves, that wasn’t going to happen on our own without major support and accountability...all I could come up with is the one elusive goal of my lifetime.

Just home from Puerto Rico. I would not trade this week for anything in the world! It has been magical to be around other heart-centered entrepreneurs who are playing a big game—they have changed my life! The trip was a celebration, connection, a commitment we made to each other many, many months ago. It was a mix of:

Good Morning my beautiful Tribe,

It’s still the beginning of 2021. What planner are you loving? I love Passion Planner. I also love a blank notebook beside me to create my daily to do list and my priorities! I also decided to start my day with creating my own miracle morning routine. I get up about 30-min earlier than usual...

Good Morning Tribe! Change is a beautiful thing! I think you will LOVE IT! Check out my video as I take you on a tour of me NEW and IMPROVED website. I am so excited about it and I know you will be too.

Click on the video below for a quick tour hosted by me.

Happy day Tribe! We like to spend summer weekends at the lake. If I had a dollar for every boat ride (or bike ride) that we DID NOT GO ON because there was “potential weather coming”--I’d be rich! “Looks like rain!”--says Jonathan, I mean Eeyore! Jonathan is an Enneagram 5.

Some of you don’t know that I’ve had the same (brilliant, loving, kind, supportive) assistant for nearly 20 years! We’ve grown our kids and grew several businesses together. She is a gem. ❤️️And, she’s Enneagram 6. She’s a loyalist, and I love that she is my steady eddy. She grounds me. She’s a hard worker and is always after me to complete things and fill in the details. Did I mention she’s loyal to me and my mission? I KNOW that I must drive her crazy...

Taking care of our YOURSELF is a huge mantra right now that is resonating! I’m hydrating, sleeping more and doing mind, body, soul work...join me March 29th, a group of us are doing the 21-Day Mind, Body Soul challenge… The accountability and community make it a YESSSSSSS! AND….I’m so shocked by this stat: 70% of women are affected by “Imposter Syndrome.”

Happy Spring Tribe! I don’t know if it’s the new spring weather, the sudden loss of Jonathan’s brother’s at age 54, family members living with cancer, friends with the new news of cancer or the stress of this freaking pandemic...maybe a little of all of it...but I am feeling CLEAR that a few things in my life get to change. I’ve been meditating on WHAT IS THAT change?!

Hello Tribe, One year, many years ago my then-husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I remember vividly my answer: to make more beds. I was so tired of being the full-time working mom that all I dreamed about was to be a mommy more. To not have teams to lead and money to make, but to channel my momminess.

Happy Wednesday Tribe! I am so damn fortunate to have leaders surrounding me that I mastermind with daily! One of those beautiful, indispensable groups in my life and biz call ourselves, The Power of Three. We recently set aside a day to “zoom” retreat together. Our agenda was to look back on January, February and March and get all the takeaways, the delicious or sometimes hard to swallow lessons. What did we love, what did we not love, what did we learn.

I have been a people pleaser my whole life. I was raised by people pleasers (hello, I love you mom!) and SHE was raised by people pleasers (thank you, Grandma Keith). It’s our legacy. And I am declaring to break the chains! I am changing the legacy! It’s so easy to fall into the trap of “sure”, “of course I can”, “yes!”, “yup!” -- I can see my text response right now! And sometimes it’s fun to be the first one in the group to say YES, I’ll be there! And yet lately as I reflect, that’s how I get myself into places I don’t want to be. I did not pause.

Have you EVER heard these two words together? Carefree timelessness. It’s mind blowing to me. What does it mean? It’s spending time with those people you love without an agenda…I can barely keep typing. Because all I think of after writing those words is...MIC DROP! How and why would anyone spend time without an agenda? I mean, no focus? But I have valued PRODUCTIVITY for my whoooole life! This idea contradicts everything!

Hi Tribe, A moment a few weeks ago that I’ll never forget. My 18-year old son listened to a conversation between my husband and I about my hubby's new hobby taking over our lower level family room, my son grabs my arm and right before I said something stupid about it taking up too much space, he says...

Yesterday I flew to Dallas for an eWomen Network conference (women entrepreneurs connecting and collaborating). It’s been awhile since I traveled for work and it feels pretty bizarre and disruptive to my stay-at-home serenity! Can you relate? I leaned into it anyway. Because a general rule of thumb is if I don’t want to do it, it’s exactly what I get to do! FACE IT! Lean in.

Go towards it.


This phrase: “I don’t think I’m smart enough” was said to me by three different, very talented, evolved, empowered women THIS WEEK!

I couldn't believe it! When they were talking with someone, they felt less than, inadequate or not enough. They felt small. They felt insignificant.


hiiiii, happy summer: I’ve gotten on the floor onto my yoga mat 17 days in a row! I’m stinkin’ proud of myself. I feel immense self-respect when I choose myself and do what I say I’m going to do. Doing what aligns with my values, dang it feels good, friends. And I haven’t had a bunch of rules around how long, what, where, when I do yoga. I simply declared one morning I will do 30 consecutive days of yoga/stretching.

How’s the first half of ‘21 gone? Is what you planned---and what happened, look different? I’m guessing like mine, much different! What are some things you can acknowledge yourself for in the first 6-months of the year? What are some WINS so far this calendar year? For me, it’s:....

I’m popping in from Burlington, Wisconsin. I’m spending 3 days with leaders that I uber admire for how they live their lives. I wanna grow up and be like them!! AND I know that who I hang around matters. Who do you spend the most time with? Do they inspire you? Drive you to be better? Drag you down? Teach you? John C. Maxwell always says there’s 2 kinds of people in the world: lifters or leaners. People either lift you up or lean on you and weigh you down....

ADVENTURE and FUN are my middle names. I used to apologize for my fun-filled life and now I realize it’s my secret sauce to lighten up the world with optimism, adventure and is a key to my happiness. I started riding my bike when my girlfriend Kim turned 40 years old. She declared she wanted to ride 40 miles on her 40th birthday. Gasp! Even though I didn’t own a bike, I borrowed one, trained a few mornings before her birthday and WE DID IT! I felt so accomplished!

It was Sunday afternoon, my dog Cooper and I were out walking at the lake and out of nowhere came bounding the neighbor’s huge Dalmatian. He attacked us, biting Coop and as I picked up my little Bichon to save him we both got bloody and traumatized! With my height disadvantage, even if I held Cooper up high in my arms that Dalmatian standing on his hind legs could still bite Cooper. All I could do was scream, "Help me!" Till neighbors came running. It was a harrowing few moments.

My marriage is one of my top priorities. It's essential in my life! I think when it’s your second marriage you just care for it even more...Do you know the #1 evidence that a marriage is NOT going to make it? Answer: When you lose politeness with each other.

I was so fascinated by this finding.

I got to gather with 4 life coaches the past few days. This is our third retreat together over the past two years to talk about life and businesses. The next group of retreaters arrive tomorrow! I’m so freaking excited. Are your relationships INSPIRING? Do you hang out and spend time with people you ADMIRE?





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