I’m just home from hosting two retreats with different small groups of women. We took nature walks, got up early to watch the sunrise over the lake, meditated, sat around the table asking questions and sharing vulnerably, drank wine around a fire, ate healthful-food (is that a word? It feels good, I’m using it!) sat on the dock staring at the water, enjoyed bedtime YIN yoga (my first time, holy WOW! I learned lots about myself in that hour!), just to name a few things.

MAN, I am feeling blessed, grateful, loved, and a desire to slow my life the heck down and maintain this authentic, no-cares-in-the-world, feeling.

Here is what I know: my next area of growth is not in more DOING, but really just BEING! (let THAT sink in! Think being still, less checking off your list.)

After these two retreats, I felt the same common zen-feeling of centeredness and perspective. And now that I’m back home, I see clearly that I overload my calendar, rush through life, hustle, schedule back to back and miss out on some of the JOY of life.

As I do the re-entry, I took a few actions that are helping me KEEP THIS FEELING of peace and happiness and I thought I’d share them with you.

  • I set two phone alarms a day to meditate and get still (complete with labels that say: Stand up from your desk and meditate.)
  • I immediately crossed several optional things off my calendar for the upcoming weeks!
  • I stopped making more LISTS and acted more from a fearless, “what is important always gets done” kind of energy!
  • Made the decision to not get back on social media except a short couple of time slots a day. (Keeps me out of the “comparison” game where so much of my joy is stolen.)
  • Immediately made dates with my husband, my kids and put on my calendar the things that matter the most in my life!

If you struggle with this kind of overwhelm, let’s talk. There’s more to life than crazy busy. Click here for a time to connect.




P.S. If you want to experience this slow down, connection and stillness to find YOUR joy, I have 3 more retreats in 2019 (Sept, Oct and Nov). JOIN me!