It’s been 25 years and I remember it like it was yesterday…

I remember comments from teachers, school classmates or even family members that were negative. From one of my first jobs I recall hearing a colleague of mine criticize my writing saying, “she writes so flowery, she’s not a good writer.” Those words stung! AND sadly, I recall them vividly when Barb, a co-worker from 25 years ago, read a piece of my writing. And it haunted me for a long time.

Do you struggle with negative thoughts that are counterproductive and work against you? Researchers say 77% of everything we think is negative! (YIKES!)

We get to rewrite the messages we are telling ourselves. Are you interested in more details about joining an online summer book study to reprogram some old, unproductive thoughts of yours?

I used this method to change how I drive. I am helping a client improve her self-worth/self-esteem. I have used this approach with someone on letting emotions control them.

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