Hi there! I’m feeling extra grateful for women like YOU today! It brings me so much JOY to chat with women who want more in their lives. More freedom, more peace, more life! It’s why I do Discovery sessions for FREE! That’s right, freeeee.

What is a discovery session anyway?
I’ll give you a few powerful reflection questions before we meet. Then we jump right in and discover the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Let’s co-create your vision for your life: personal and professional — it’s the same, YOUR LIFE!

How much does it cost?
Not a dime, I LOVE talking to women and reminding them of their worth.

Why are you doing this Beth?
I truly believe we are better together. Two heads are always better than one! Let’s put our minds together and dream up some goodness for your life. We rethink what’s possible for you for more happiness and aliveness.

Who is this for?
YOU! Women who want more. Women who want to invest in themselves. Women who feel stuck.

When does this happen?
As soon as you secure your time! I have spaces available coming up as soon as next week!

Where does this take place?
In-person or over the phone. Your choice! Meet at my home office or over the phone to begin dreaming. I’d love to be your thinking partner.

Click here to sign-up.  Chat with you soon.




P.S. This won’t be available forever. I have space available for the first 10 people that decide they are WORTH 30 minutes! Will you be one of them?