Months and months ago Jonathan and I had one of those “discussions “. You know the kind where you get deep into something and you get the opportunity to say what you really think and what your spouse needs to hear!

Well, I shared with my hubby that my experience of him at times was unkind and quick to anger about stuff that doesn’t matter!!

Afterwards I wondered if I was heard and if the conversation make any difference in our relationship.

Well recently, I was with my husband and a piece of paper drops out of his wallet. I picked it up. It was a tattered little paper and it says in his handwriting in big block letters: Be kind.

I look at my husband and gave him a look like, what’s this? He responded with a matter of fact smile and said, you told me to be more kind. It’s my reminder. I see it every day.

He took the feedback! He not only took it. He WROTE it down! And he put the note where he’d see it. Everyday.

He’s been carrying that note around for close to a year!

And yes. He’s showing up… kinder. Our relationship keeps going to the next level!

Working on relationships is not for the faint of heart. It’s for those willing to get messy and create the kind of relationships they desire!

Are you brave enough to give your spouse feedback? Or could you ASK your partner, best friend, mother, adult kids for feedback? Do you want to take your relationships to the next level? Love to hear what you think—email me at and tell me!