You guys,

Ten years ago this week I was so scared to be single. And be a mother of a LOT of children!! At the same time. 😆

I battled a critical inner voice that was saying WHO is going to want YOU..?” I mean, really, my dating profile could’ve read, “Single mother of 4, searching for a man to partner with to pay for cars and college!” 😆😆😆

I could’ve let all the skeptical people in my life (btw, I am pretty sure one of them was my own MOM!!!) convince me to stay small. Instead, I had my friend Kathy’s words ringing in my ears: “YOU GET TO WRITE YOUR OWN STORY NOW, BETH!” and that is exactly what I did.

I led with a brave face and a belief that I had ‘some beautiful chaos’ to offer an incredible man. I created a profile on eHarmony and committed to a year of dating! (2010: The year of men!! Has a ring to it, doesn’t it?!)

And now we’ve been married for 8 years this week, together for 10. I manifested this handsome, incredible, logical, grounded, up for the ride of his lifetime, man!

Are you ready to write the next chapter of your life? Are you a fun and successful woman ready to stop playing small and take your life to the next level? I’m sharing my 4 Steps to Love Your Life on an upcoming FREE webinar. Stay tuned for the details.

Happy Fall, friends…




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