I want to challenge you to wonder with me, “Who can start the New Year the most rested and rejuvenated?”

This season can be marked with an enormous, overwhelming to-do list and minds swirling with the next activity, the next party, next present, etc. BUT I want you to rethink the next few weeks, especially if you’re a woman business owner, entrepreneur or mom or wife.

How can you minimize your busy-ness, and be present for your loved ones this last part of the year? I’ll be here slowing down the hustle with mine.

I’ll be the first to say that if Beth 5 years ago knew she would be writing this email to you with this message about slowing down instead of joining the hustle and bustle of the season, she would be so SURPRISED! I’ve been known as the queen of go-go-go for years and I’m CHOOSING to rewrite the story of my life to bring my family and I more peace and intentionality.

It’s never too late to shift your mindset and adjust your pace of life. 

New year, new you. I have more “nothing” scheduled on my calendar. I have more margins for rest and FUN! Less doing, more BE-ing. I started watching comedians with my teenager on Netflix to LAUGH together. I’m lightening up! Several days a week, I take a 20-min delicious nap! I’m choosing ME.

How will you choose to REST and REJUVENATE yourself this holiday season? Hit “reply” and tell me! If this topic of slowing down is challenging or scary to you, I’d be honored to partner with you in creating the life you crave. Let’s set up a Discovery Call for 2020 and dream together.




P.S. Keep your eye out for my personalized Year in Gear Guide coming to your Inbox sooooooon! I’m so eager to get this in your hands as we move into 2020.