How are you darling? Did you know we have 71 days left in 2020?

I mean we are so OVER this year, aren’t we? But dang. We can not wish time away!

I am here to share with you today that you don’t have to LONE WOLF your life! You don’t have to suffer silently.

Why are you trying so hard to figure out life on your own?

A mom who follows me shared this text:

Trying to find joy and fun. Not easy. I don’t like bothering people. I do it all alone. I keep telling my counselor I’m tired of doing life alone. And I am very jealous of you. Not the kind that makes me hate you. Just wish I was happy like Beth.”

One of the secrets to my abundant life is this: I get support. I do not mess around. I have an ah-mazing therapist. I have multiple coaching groups that I am a participant and show up daily to get coaching. Some I pay an investment in. And I am worth it, damnit. YOU are worth it. I do not sit and stay stuck. I SHIFT! I seek support. I speak UP. I do not stay down for long, baby. I am a mover and shaker and demand that my energy shifts when it is low.

If you are struggling with relationships, your work, your calendar, yourself, your thinking, your confidence, self-doubts—I would love to be your thinking partner. Private message me for support at (515) 303-3881.

If getting support or coaching works for me, it’s possible for YOU! That is why I share my stories and my experiences VULNERABLY with you. So you know this: You are not alone, girl.

Where’s my lone wolves out there? 🙋 Who gets to have a thinking partner this week? Click here to hop on my calendar.




P.S. Psssst. Secret: I am offering a FREE Love your Life Facebook Challenge very soon in Best Life Tribe. I’m going LIVE each day for 5 days in Best Life Tribe to share my heart and the things that I am certain about that create a life I love. Who wants to step into 2021 with a few more tools and a brighter community? Each day will have a mini-action step to create a shift in you. Who’s ready to do the shifty-shift dance with me?!