At Sunday night dinner, my 20-year old son noticed we were wearing similar biking t-shirts and asked to take a picture with me.

Do you all remember THIS IS THE KID who at age 17 gave me the F.U. 🖕 and walked out of our home the summer before his senior year of high school because I was going to ground him? 😳 He couldn’t live with my rules, SO HE LEFT HOME! 😮

And right when I thought I had him trapped at home by saying, “If you leave this house, leave your phone and your car keys too” and as karma would have it, he had grown a lucrative lawn business (I taught him how!!!) and he didn’t need me. 

He did not need his momma to pay his bills. He left his phone and his car keys. And never looked back.

<<Insert shocked, heartbroken, bewildered, lost mom feelings here>> Can anyone relate?

I cried for more than a year. How can I be a life coach and have my own life falling apart? How did I source this all happening? How can I live with this massive amount of fear of the unknown for his choices? 

As I look back on those horrific days when my son walked out of our home and I had lost all my influence, I did what any desperate mother would do, we went to therapy! (If you are too embarrassed to seek help, you get to stop lone-wolfing it and start asking for support!) The therapist said the smartest thing she said, “How can you learn to be a family without living together!” (that at the time I thought that was completely NUTS!) 

AHHH. What. That was NOT what I wanted to hear. I wanted her to tell him to move home, NOW! Instead she was so wise and objective and brainstormed ideas for me to still have influence and spend time together in a new way. 

Those ideas got us through the next few years. He graduated high school, got his own apartment, paid all his own bills, and after I fully accepted him leaving, I realized that as his momma, he grew up and did what you hope all kids do. Leave home and make a life for themselves! He just completed sooner than most kids.😉

One of the BIGGEST LESSONS of that period in our lives that I see now is:

This too shall pass.

Whatever sticky situation you find yourself in, from loss of your business due to COVID-19, questioning your marriage, how on earth are we going to survive possibly not sending kids back to school in the fall, not having a level 10 relationship with someone important in your life, fill in the blank with your own pain or struggle right now…THIS TOO SHALL PASS! 

And now…HE WANTS HIS PICTURE TAKEN with his momma. Wow, we’ve come a long way, baby! From he couldn’t stand to live with me or by my rules, to…let’s get a picture together, ma!

Cheering you on. Walking with you and here to support you along this wild, sometimes unpredictable journey we call life.

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Whatever it is for you today, remember, this too shall pass…

Sending love to you!




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