When I first began my speaking career, as I lay in bed the night after speaking to hundreds of women, I would beat myself up for missing a point or even a certain word in my presentation!

Never mind that I was vulnerable, transparent and bearing my soul as I shared my stumbles and struggles in life, did I really think they were concerned about a missing word? Or that they were even still thinking about me the next day? Of course they weren’t! Why was I focused on what I didn’t do well?
I was stuck in the myth: perfection is the same as excellence. Ladies, we can be excellent without being perfect! They are not the same.

In the book Brave Not Perfect by Reshma Saujani, she shares “you know you’re crossing the line from the pursuit of excellence into perfectionism when you feel like nothing is ever enough. A big clue is you don’t know when to celebrate.”

I was focused on the missing word or the mistake instead of the big picture and I wasn’t allowing myself to celebrate that I just got up and spoke in front of a huge crowd and I didn’t die!

Let’s make a pact. We don’t have to be perfect. We can be real. People like real way better than they like perfect! Believe me, I’ve tried to be perfect and can come off fake.

In fact, my speaker training coach always says: people will like you for your successes, but they will loooooove you for your failures!!

Can we agree to be the kind of friends that share our struggles and our flubs? Let’s talk about our failures and get our friends to, too!!

What have you failed at recently? One of my favorite Facebook posts in the Best Life Tribe is share a parenting fumble. It got oodles of responses.  Was one of the responses from you? Or were you too busy looking perfect!? I want to be around women who share the messy life stories. Then be the kind of women that build each other up! You in?




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