Hey Tribe:

ONE DAY, this “shelter in place” will be done and I want us to think for a moment today…

WHO are you committed to BEING on the other side of this? (I honestly didn’t know myself…this is our homework this week…together…I’ll start my first draft below…)

Write out your vision for the future, 6-months, or 1 year from now. Questions to ask ourselves are…who are you BEING 6-mo from now? What have you learned through COVID-19? What are you creating and putting out into the world?

MY VISION for myself 6-months from now after COVID:

I am joyful. (Law of attraction, right? Let’s put out into the world in words and manifest joy!)
I am rested, rejuvenated, recharged! I want to be able to say as I look back that i really used this time to replenish my cup! I am leading from a full cup, not an empty one.
I am inspiring women to lead book studies in their communities and make money! (a DREAM of mine that I’m always, always, always too busy to see through!!)
My body is strong. I have lowered my body fat and I’m at the lowest weight I’ve been at in 10 years, that my lungs and body are strong and fit.
My mind is calm and content. I am clear what I stand for. I am an inspiring, connected, powerful woman. I am enough.
My calendar has less on it. I have a beautiful pace that is slowed down and intentional. I detoxed from overworking and busyness.
My relationships are all a “10”. I am trusting and we’ve created a new way to communicate and love each other. We have deep connections of trust, openness and authenticity.

I get to keep drafting…that’s my start!

What’s your VISION for 6-months or 1-year from now?

Once you have your list, here’s the MAGIC: step into it NOW! How beautiful if you chose to step into that list today?

I am going to start operating FROM MY VISION, from my list above! Who’s with me? I’d love to see your first draft. Let’s support each other…nobody has to go it alone. We are better together.





P.S. If you want to continue this conversation around your vision, click here for a 2020 Retreat date! We’ll meet virtually or (someday) in person. Let’s dream together!