“All winners are trackers.” — Darren Hardy

Last week we talked about our habits. Good and bad ones! I absolutely LOVED hearing from you about what habits you are swapping like:

    • Oatmeal instead of less healthy breakfast choices
    • Treadmill instead of TV
    • Dropping FB morning scroll for planning your day!

And some habits that you have good consistency with recently:

One person started flossing every day and is driven by the X’s on her tracking chart! Gotta take care of our teeth!

A client told me she is using 2019 to quit swearing. (Holy cuss words, that’s awesome!) And by the end of this year she wants swearing to be as foreign to her as jumping off a building! (Ahh!)

If you want awareness of your habits, I dare you, to do this tracking exercise!

Every day for 30 days track an activity that you want to do better in. Just grab a notebook or use the Notes app in your iPhone. Track every bite of food that goes in your mouth. Or every penny you spend. Track anything you know you need more discipline in. It will be eye opening, I promise.

I tracked my food. My first day of tracking was on Monday when I flew to San Diego for a conference. As I reviewed my food choices I saw a lot of FAKE food! (Protein shake, protein bar, protein muffin.) At first I was bummed—what a terrible day to track my food on a day that I am not at home I thought. Then I realized, THIS IS MY LIFE! I’m always on the move.

One client had a similar experience as she tracked her expenses. She said her daughter came home from college for the weekend so they went out for lunch. Her husband invited her to celebrate with him so they went out to dinner. Her son asked to order takeout food. She called me and exclaimed, “This is a terrible week to track because of all these activities!!!” That’s when I held up a mirror and said “This, my friend, is your life!!!”

What do you need to track to gain awareness? Commit to tracking that one thing for the next 30 days. See if you won’t learn more about YOUR habits. Email me at beth@bethmontpas.com and tell me what you are going to track. I’d love to hear!