THIS. Oh. My. Sooooo good. 👏👏👏 I’ve watched this video so many times but it’s soooo relevant for me every time. Take a watch!


Endless lessons that I take away from watching this 5 min video. Here’s a few:

YOU create everything in your life.
Be authentically curious about people (everywhere you go)
Don’t rush, hustle, hurry (ohhhhhh I need to hear that message!)
Connection is currency. (Just ask all the coaches that I’m mentoring now to grow coaching/speaking businesses. Connection is EVERYTHIIIING!)
You are who your friends are!! (I’ve told my kiddos this for years!)

Be the best YOU this damn world has ever seen. Period. The end.

How do you choose to show up in the world every day?

What books/movies/podcasts are you learning a lot from these days? I’d love to grow my collection!

Have a great day!



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