A BONUS of being my email friend, is hearing what I’m HYPED UP about these days! I want to hear from you too, what are your faves??

Activity: WALKING or jog/walk 1 min on, 1 min off while listening to Alicia Keys, Girl on Fire. 🎵

Drink: Apple Cider from Trader Joes + a cinnamon stick (and to get festive, add a splash of Fireball if you’re feeling feisty!)

My self-talk trick: Sticky notes all over the house with words or phrases of who I want to BE! I’m remembering the POWER of a visual reminder as I strive to add more peace and tranquility in my life. Let me tell you, it’s working every time I look in the bathroom mirror.

Book: The Power of Moments by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. I want to create more defining moments in my marriage, on vacation, in my life and this book gave me the resource to do it.

Food: A smashed up avocado is my favorite way to break my fast. A little salt and pepper does the trick. For the family or a party, add these leaf shaped tortilla chips at Trader Joes.

Soooo, what are you loving these days? What’s setting your heart on fire?! 🔥




P.S. I’d love to hear a topic you want to more on from me! Relationships, business, parenting adult children, online dating, etc. What are you curious about??