When my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer in October of 2019, we were devastated, of course. Since then, she’s been declared cancer-free and in remission. We are all rejoicing with her and beyond thrilled.

Life is how you see it, not how it really is. 

As I look back over the past few months something really strikes me. PEOPLE are GENEROUS and KIND and came out with so much LOVE for our family! One of my parents’ friends has brought them soup 14 times! Flowers, gifts, texts, cards, letters, and over-the-top gestures came pouring in.

My mom and I both had a similar reaction: We get to UP our game of being focused on others in the future. We pledged to pay it forward when “life” happens to our family and friends.

I know many of you have been given the news that you or a loved one has cancer. How you react to it is within our reach. My mom chose to not see the cancer, she instead saw how many people loved her!

How do you view “stuff” in your life? “Life is not what happens to us, it’s what happens in us,” says John Maxwell.

When you get bad news, how do you react? The doctors shared that Shirley’s miraculous recovery had a lot to do with her healthy body AND her personality and her upbeat attitude! We generate and cause everything good (or bad) in our lives!

Here’s a picture of women from my Inner Circle laying hands on Shirley before treatment. Here’s a picture of us celebrating post treatment and the news: CANCER IS GONE!

Thank you to the many of you who have traveled this journey with us, prayed for us, sent all of your positive wishes, and supporting us all. We are beyond grateful for each of you.






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