The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me:

One of my transformational coaches sent me her life version and I was so inspired that I wanted to share mine with you.

  1. I was born in Iowa. I had parents, Elwood and Shirley Rake, who now have been married 57 years! What a lucky girl, I am for these role models.
  2. I was the only girl. With a brother who adored me and served life on a platter to me. We are still very close and good friends today.
  3. I grew up on a farm. I found my strong work ethic. And got to learn what it’s like to prepare projects, join 4-H and gave speeches AND be part of an awesome club.
  4. I grew up fat. I’m so glad that I had the perspective of overweight teen/adult as it’s given me compassion and a sense of humor. I have a warm and welcoming personality to overcome any physical differences.
  5. I took easy classes in High School. And that did not prepare me for college. Which led to dropping my dreams of a business degree and gave me the beautiful idea for a BA in Sociology. I adore people. So a perfect degree FOR ME!
  6. I didn’t do college visits. They just dropped me off at the University of Iowa like my brother, boy that was easy and had an early lesson of letting others make decisions for me.
  7. My degree was neutral. So my first job post-college was a part-time receptionist. In 18-months I climbed to the top sales manager in the state of Iowa. I learned to hustle and (unfortunately) prove my worth.
  8. Married a man because of his family. That only took 16 years to go off the rails when he left me and 4 kids for another woman.
  9. Found my platform to speak on. Divorce – affects 65% of families, now I had a gritty story of resilience. Grew a speaking, coaching and training business.
  10. Mom of 4 kids. Never have I ever been so humbled and blessed. Highest highs and lowest lows with this crew. I love being each of their mom. Best role ever.
  11. Direct seller. I left the corporate world when I had my first child. Grew up in sales, filling needs with products like scrapbooks, jewelry, or protein shakes. I met the greatest women in my community and across the globe. And I’ve worked out of my home for the past two decades.
  12. Joined a women’s cycling team. Learned adventure and fun is whatever I am willing to try. I was introduced to a fun-loving, crazy bunch that live life on fire, adore nature, and the bike!
  13. eHarmony success story. After crying for 2-years, I started on-line dating and met a man who was all 10 things on my Top 10 List! We’ve been together for almost a decade. I am so grateful that first husband left and created space for this gem.
  14. Attended transformational leadership. Went face to face with my old stories and rackets while finding my authentic voice and stepping into the inspiring, connected, powerful woman that I am today.

What is your story? Take some time today to write out your transformational life story. What has shaped your life this year? This decade? Who have you become? If you’re feeling brave, I’d love to read your story too!

As we start a new decade and I reflect on the struggles, the pain, the all shining moments of the past one, I know one of the biggest reasons I’ve remained positive about my life is because of connections and love that I have in my life…like you.

I am saying good-bye to some familiar programs in my business, creating some exciting new ones, graduating my last kid from high school and working location neutral–one of my biggest dreams! 2020 is bound to be full of new possibilities for BOTH OF US. You and me.

Wishing you an empowering start to your 2020. We are better together and I love you!




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