“I admire Beth’s courage, her ability to take risks, to stay on task and stay committed to her passion and work.  It’s maybe all those things I feel I lack.  Keep on inspiring, engaging, learning  ~ love our time together!”

Cathy F

“Beth Montpas has helped me ‘stop and smell the roses’! Working with Beth has been a tremendous positive in my life, both personally and professionally. Her approach to coaching ensures a high level of trust and confidentiality which allows me to explore all aspects of a situation with full transparency. I entered the relationship with no previous knowledge of what having a Life Coach could accomplish, but having known Beth and being aware of her high energy and ability for results I knew I would be in great hands. With her guidance and support I have achieved many goals that were on the ‘back burner’ and have begun to identify new goals and challenges, including launching a new business.

If you’ve been curious about working with a Life Coach I highly recommend connecting with Beth Montpas!”

Lori B

“Beth is insightful, a good listener and a great example of how to live life to the fullest!”

Brenda M

“Your presentation was extremely moving, thought provoking, and inspirational. I think everyone walked away empowered to make positive changes.”

Katie N

“Beth is a very qualified and trustworthy person. You can be certain or reassured that you will receive 100% from Beth in effort, compassion, encouragement and constructive advice.”

Daleena P

“Beth is a positive person, who asks good questions and attracts neat people. She helps motivate people to take action in their lives!”

Amy O

“Beth definitely has a gift for working with women! She really gets to the heart of the issue on a lot of things that women deal with: insecurities, feeling devalued or overlooked or unworthy – but this is no simple pep talk! This is a way for you to help yourself grow out of those broken thoughts and sustain that habit of growth for many years or decades!”

Amber G

“I wish you could hear the way people talk about you and I don’t believe in waiting until someone is dead to tell them how I feel. I just want you to know that I brag about you every time I talk about you. You are so strong, and your posts are so peaceful…unlike many people’s posts. You never have a “feel sorry for me” attitude, but rather a “look at these lemons and the delicious lemonade we made”! You did such an amazing job making “finding the perfect mate” your full time job after the Tony shenanigan and found the perfect family man considering your entire family while you chose wisely. Your parents are fortunate to have another person for support as they age and your kids are privileged to have such a good role model. I just LOVED Grace’s post, you can’t PAY kids to say nice things like that, it was obvious that it was heartfelt. Eli’s relieved hug almost made me cry.

At one time I wondered how you could be a solid inspirational speaker if nothing catastrophic had ever happened to you. Today I realized, plenty of catastrophic things have probably happened to you but you don’t wear them for the world to pity. I’m proud to call you my friend and impressed by your strengths.”

Pam C

“I had heard Beth was an inspiring speaker and was not disappointed. I am always so amazed by the passion small business owners have and the stories that drive them to do something that makes the world a better place as a result! Thank you for sharing your story.”

Jill L.

“What was happening in your life/business before you started working with Beth?

Before the class began, I was working my Mary Kay business at an “average level”. While my family life had experienced many recent changes, I would say that overall my life felt stagnant. I had gone through a couple years of ebb and flow with family/health/business balance, and was on the upswing of doing more with my business again.

What attracted you to Beth and her services?

I was attracted to Beth and her services because I saw the value of community, I wanted to grow and learn a new thing, be accountable to a group (even if just to show up), and meet others. And of course, who doesn’t want to be around Beth and her amazing smile? 🙂

Why did you decide to hire Beth?

Thankfully, Beth invited me. She has such a gift of always including and welcoming others

What did/ do you enjoy most about working with Beth?

I really enjoy being in Beth’s space, around her energy, to surround myself with like minded.”

Mindy D

“We all need someone who inspires us to do better than we know how. —Anonymous. Beth is definitely that person!! She honest, encouraging and will bring out the best in you. ”

Tracy W

“I have been attending Beth’s groups for 2+ years and I feel like it has changed my approach to interactions and life situations. I feel like I am able to interact with family, friends, coworkers, and life in general with more grace, confidence and wisdom that I have learned through reading and studying great books and more importantly from the conversations with smart, like minded women.  Another benefit from belonging to one of these groups has been the friendships and support of these terrific women through weekly interactions and social media. We are better together!”

Tammi M.