You guys are still talking about FEEDBACK and are really fired up about it! I’ve loved that real, authentic conversation and it’s been a lovely opportunity to give (and get) a lot of feedback this past week to/from YOU, my beautiful friends on my list.

I’m so excited what this is opening up for some of you!

On the topic of awkward conversations, I got to have coffee last week with a friend and past client who I haven’t seen in MONTHS but that I adore and value. I had heard she said negative things about me to others at a dinner awhile back. It was the kind of thing most people don’t talk about and instead stop being friends over. When life gets messy, we tend to retreat and disconnect.

In my quest to be my most authentic self and have honest relationships, I chose to speak up because our relationship is important to me (if it wasn’t I’d have let it gooooo!). I made up my mind that she was worth getting dirty for!

We had a wonderful catch up, then when we had only a few minutes before we parted ways I reminded her that I “love her like ridiculous” and then asked her about it. AND NEITHER ONE OF US DIED! We both got the opportunity to share our honest feelings and differing perspectives. It was eye-opening! It was actually heartwarming. I got to see it from her perspective. After 5-minutes of discussion, she THANKED ME for being real and found it refreshing that people speak up!

Do you have honest, real relationships? When life gets messy, are you willing to get dirty?

Who do you need to have a clearing conversation with? I tell you, it opens up all kinds of possibilities for you!

Write me at and tell me about it!