My truth for you today: One conversation can change everything and you can get back on track.

Recently I talked to one of my Facebook friends, who had just moved to another state away from family and friends. She was missing her old life, her purpose and “her people.”

Unfortunately, along with all the craziness of moving they also experienced a very untimely situation as there was a tragedy that happened nearby—they are ok but their confidence got shaken. This created fear in her and it caused her to overthink, be sad and be paralyzed with inaction.

Here’s where she got stuck: She longed for connection in her new community, to know her neighbors and make new friends but now felt it was dangerous to reach out. So she kept to herself.

After we talked and finding out that she really, really wants deep connection with people, exactly why it is important to her, and what’s stopping her from connecting, we put together a powerful plan that got her unstuck and into action. She shifted her obstacle to an opportunity! This is where the magic happens.

You guys, once we talked it out and she got coaching, I was so thrilled for the change in her tone of voice and the knowingness that she is exactly where God intended her to be— all in a 30 minute call on the phone!

I wanted to share this story because the lessons are for all of us:

  • Society tells us to be scared in a questionable environment. Our friends and family will say it’s too risky to try to make friends with people we don’t know. I am here to say that that’s living small and living in fear. When we stand in our power and take loving actions, we can lead a connected life!
  • Don’t stay stuck. Staying stuck stinks. Reach out, speak up and ask for some coaching!
  • You have more control than you realize about your own thoughts and your life!

Where are you playing small or safe? Do you want help to reclaim your inner warrior? My goal is to be an open, loving, and connected woman.

If you’re stuck, reach out. Set up your own FREE 30 minute call with me here! 




P.S. One thing she did to get more CONNECTED was to join Ignite Your life Nation to get around other women who want to re-discover their light. (You can still join us, a new group started last week.)