Wowza. Is it September already?

AND, it’s a strange back to school year, right?! Back to school gives me the same feeling as January 1st. A chance to create intentions, new rhythms, and reset in lots of areas. Do you feel this too? Whether or not you have kiddos heading to kindergarten, college, online or in-person, starting their journey as a teacher, or entering the workforce, we all feel this desire for a reset! And wow, this is a whacky time in life and if we’ve EVER needed to choose a RESET, now is that time.

Do you feel it too? Do you feel like you’re being yanked around a bit? Things canceling, things changing. Do you crave a reset in the middle of this pandemic? Gosh, I need to take a deep breath and I’m guessing you do too. As my business coach always says, manage your mind. And think into our upcoming months and the path we are on!!!

While we get to be gentle with ourselves we also get to plan our fall and winter! I’ve created a tool that so many of you loooooooove and it is FREE! That is right, you don’t owe me a dime. I designed it with you in mind. It allows you to reconsider your priorities because we get to know where we’re going! Adjust our sail, so to speak.

I created the Year in Gear guide because nearly a decade ago was the first time I really THOUGHT into my life and being intentional about what I wanted to create. It felt empowering and it really lit me up to start “seeing” what I want. Most people think more into their grocery list or planning a vacation than they do their life! So I got passionate about helping others get their year in gear.

No more just being the passenger of the car, be the driver of the car of your life. Let’s THINK INTO our life. Get intimate with the vision you have for yourself in areas such as health & wellness, career, relationships, etc.

I want to share it with you so you can be the author of your own life! No one else is going to do this for you. It’s all you girlfriend, but I’m here to support you!


If you’ve used this tool before, I’d love to invite you to print off fresh worksheets and perhaps think again into your new ‘updated’ year. Or I’d love to hear your thoughts on this tool! Tap the reply button to share how this tool has benefited you.

We get to THINK into our life. Don’t just drift along, my invitation to you is to think into how you want this year to end, we got the final 4 months of 2020 to reset. 




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