Taking time out from your busy life to intentionally seek peace of mind is nourishing for the soul. My retreats will fill your heart with connection and conversation, nurturing activities to help you find your center, peaceful time for self-reflection and refreshing, cup-filling experiences. We’ll gather in a healing circle throughout the retreat because we are truly better together and can support each other. Pour into your own life and you will be better able to serve those around you.

For overnight dates:  Arrive after work to get settled in, have dinner, meet new friends, and enjoy time to center yourself. We will use the Circle process to connect with ourselves and others. Clarity comes through meaningful conversations. We will end our day with evening meditation as our quiet finish to the day. We’ll begin the next morning with a light breakfast and a nature walk or gentle yoga practice. Then transition into mind, body, soul exercises designed by Beth to use silence and nature to look inward and give our inner self a voice that can be heard above the busy-ness of life. In this nurturing space, you will join others to share insights over a nourishing healthy lunch (*Dietary needs respected). The beauty and peacefulness of the lake bring a sense of escape from our hectic pace and provide time to restore.

For daytime dates: Arrive prior to 9 am – 3 pm CST to meet new friends, and enjoy time to relax and center yourself. Many of the above retreat activities without the overnight accommodations.

*Dietary needs respected

Dates: Start at 5 PM on Thursday/Friday and end at 3 PM on Friday/Saturday.

  • Sept 17-18
  • October 22-23

Dates for daytime ONLY retreats:  9 am-3 pm

  • August 19
  • October 22
Lake Panorama, Panora