Ignite Your Life-Big Magic


Essential reading for anyone who wants to live a larger life, filled with more ideas, more projects, and more fulfillment!

6 weekly session book study, starting April 3rd & 4th

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Ignite Your LIFE!

Anyone else have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)?!

I am sooo guilty of this especially with our society’s focus on social media. Recently I was in sunny FL (I know no one feels bad for me!) and at the same time as enjoying a fun weekend getaway with my hubby AND seeing dear friends, I scrolled through Facebook and saw friends in IA enjoying a super fun once-a-year special bike ride. Ugh. FOMO. Hard to be in two places at the same time… The feeling of being LEFT OUT of the FUN is so REAL sometimes. I get it. I’ve been there too. Ever been not invited to the party and instead watched all the fun pictures flood your Facebook feed? No matter our season of life, FOMO is real…Yeah, I’ve been there too.

I am THRILLED to announce the next book…drum roll please….this book is super special to me because I’ve MET the author. That’s right, 10 years ago, my girlfriends snapped this picture with THE wonderful Elizabeth Gilbert (the fabulous lady in the middle). She’s written another incredible book, Big Magic. It’s sassy and serious. (Isn’t that the best combination?! Certainly, my kind of book.)

A recent reader described it as an “essential reading for anyone who wants to live a larger life, filled with more ideas, more projects, and more fulfillment…Big Magic is powerful stuff.” Doesn’t that make you want to curl up on the couch and take in her writing?!  We’ll read, discuss, and LIVE INTO the principles of Big Magic together as we discover how to live creatively beyond fear.

What are you waiting for? Don’t let fear or FOMO take over. Sign up today!

Cost:  $247

Days/Times: We start on April 3rd & 4th, for 6 weekly sessions ending on May 15th-16th (off the week of April 24th-25th)

Wedneday 8-9 AM CST in West Des Moines
Wednesday 11:30-12:30 PM CST in Des Moines
Wednesday 5-6 PM CST via Zoom
Thursday 11:30-12:30 PM CST in Ankeny

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**Cancellation Policy:  My job as a coach is to hold you to your vision, to not allow life’s inevitable interruptions to hold you back.  For this reason, I have no cancellation policy.  If in the event you do experience a true emergency, I will apply this investment in yourself towards a later workshop.

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Groups & Times

Wednesday 8-9 AM (West Des Moines), Wednesday 11:30-12:30 PM (Des Moines), Wednesday 5-6 PM (Zoom), Thursday 11:30 AM-12:30 PM (Ankeny)


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