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Pain To Power Podcast Episode 102: Learning To Love Your Body

December 15, 20221 min read

Pain to Power Podcast with Beth Montpas and Special Guest Celeste Rose

Welcome to Pain to Power Podcast.

In this episode, I am joined by Celeste Rose, a Feminine Embodiment Coach.

Celeste turned her PAIN to POWER by rediscovering her sexuality and finding peace within her body.

She recalls vivid painful moments that stuck with her and caused her to hide for much of her life. 

Listen in as we discuss her journey to self love and empowerment.

Certified Body Confidence & Wellbeing Coach™, Feminine Leadership Coach, and Owner & Founder of the Sensual Leadership Academy. After studying the intersection between mind, body, and spirit at the VITA™ Institute, she found answers about self-love and confidence that blew her mind and opened her up to a whole new understanding of what it means to be empowered.

And now she is here to share these teachings with you by helping you release the blocks and limitations that are holding you back from the satisfying career that you desire and deserve.







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Beth Montpas

Life is messy yet beautiful -- who better to be your thinking partner than someone who is transparent and vulnerable about her own up and down path and creates space for real, raw connection with other women who are ready for change. If you need a cheerleader to encourage or energize your dreams, check-out Beth’s co-working space in Panora, Iowa or her free Best Life Tribe Facebook group. She uses small curated groups and private 1:1 coaching to connect women and women business owners for inspiration and connection.

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