Hello my friends,

The world gave us a PAUSE button, now we get to decide what to do with it!

We are in about week 4 of this thing. It’s time to sit down (invite your partner or your kids, your boss/co-workers to join you or do this activity yourself!) and get real with, What’s working? And What’s not working? COMMUNICATE about how things are running!

For me what IS working:

  • 5-10 min of consuming news per day (thank goodness for my news junkie hubby who fills me in on the latest!)
  • Eating whole foods (now is not the time for living on Cheetos and beer, people!)
  • Exercise each day (moving and breathing fresh air is keeping me sane)
  • Trading off meal making responsibilities (Jonathan has been taking the lead on meals and I am so grateful)
  • Starting my day with intentional prayer/meditation/yoga time (it is all about mindset people!)

For me what IS NOT working:

  • Assuming everyone in my house knows what i’m thinking (we alllll get to communicate
  • Letting my mind be consumed with worry for three of my kids still working out in the world…
  • Too many Zoom happy hours/coffee dates in a week, lol (more is not always better, but connection IS important for everyone)
  • Boundaryless work hours! (hello? Just because we work at home doesn’t mean we work all the time.)

So, what’s really working for you and not working for you, right now? Write it down. Type it in a note in your phone. SHARE your list with others and listen generously to them. Share with me too!

Because here’s the truth: The current situation is making people more of who they already are. If you had a dicey relationship with your spouse or your mother…it’s dicier! If you normally are disorganized, you are even more in disarray. If you normally doubt yourself, you are really doubting yourself now in full magnitude. If you are normally a loving leader to your neighbors and co-workers, you are even more motivated to lead in love!

These moments are magnified in COVID!

TIP: Now is NOT the time to be overly critical. Give yourself and others grace. Don’t complain about the toilet seat left up! (Save that for your girlfriend Zoom time over happy hour!) Be gentle. Be forgiving of you and them.

PRO TIP: Now IS the time to request space. I am going to walk the dog by myself now. or I am going to read for 30 minutes in my room. Request space for yourself. You are worth it.




P.S. Are you part of our Best Life Tribe on Facebook? We are having real conversations during these times and would love you to be included! Today we are sharing our lists of what is working/not working. Join us!