Hello dear Tribe, how are you getting along? Getting weary? Settling in? Finding the silver linings or lost in anxiety?

Yup, me too. I’m riding the roller coaster with you. We are in this together.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how DAILY life is. Especially now that each day blends together while we are at home.

What if….what if we changed our mindset and reframed our long “I HAVE to…” list to an “I GET to…” list. Hear me out…

Instead of, “I have to walk this dang barking dog again.” Let’s switch to: “I GET to clear my mind by getting outside and I GET to move my body.” It reframes our minds to find the GOOD in this situation and make the most of it all.

“I HAVE to…” to “I GET to…” 

  1. I have to cook 3 meals a day for these humans that keep wanting food. → I GET to be creative in the kitchen and have fun with it!
  2. I have to send that email/create that video today. → I GET to inspire my team!
  3. I have to clean that annoying spice cabinet so I can actually find something. → I GET to organize my spice cabinet to simplify and organize our kitchen.

What do you GET to do during the pandemic? How can you REFRAME your situation? Fill in the blank: I have to ___________. → I GET to __________.

It’s all about shifting your mindset. Have to vs. Get to. Email me at beth@bethmontpas.com and tell me what you GET to do during this time! (Then join us in Best Life Tribe as we continue the conversation and inspire each other.)




P.S. Ah. I can hardly believe I did it but guess what. I’ve also kept my word of no sugar for more than 6 weeks! I have zero cravings and feel good. Aside from the health benefits, the self-respect of KEEPING MY WORD has totally lit me up! I GET to eat whole foods right now. I GET to take care of me. I GET to keep my word. 🎆