Hello warrior women,

Have you ever wondered if you would ever arrive at your destination? Have you ever had such a zig zaggity route that you thought surviving was not possible? Those are some of the feelings I’ve had watching my boys get to high graduation day! 😆😆

I was thinking things like “it wasn’t pretty, but it’s done” is yet another way I’d describe it!!

WHEW, friends. We made it!!

High school + my boys = triiiiicky. They don’t love academics. It was haaaard, for all of us witnessing and watching. But here’s the good news…we made it and learned a few gajillion lessons along their way as the mother to my boys:

  • It is THEIR journey. Not mine. I personally would not have “done” high school this way. But it is not about me. It’s about THEM. (This has been the hardest lesson for me to really learn. I wish there was a book that said at what age you should stop CONTROLLING others — especially your kids!)
  • Stay out of judgement. It’s not good-bad-right-wrong. Each one of my kids has ended up receiving their high school diploma…that magical piece of paper and all had different GPA’s, activity lists, friend groups, and passions but they all achieved their diploma and it all looked very different. Different is OK! Doesn’t have to be the same.
  • Stay in my lane. I get to cheer them on. I get to hold their vision (ie THE DIPLOMA in this case) and remind them to keep going. I got to be in the supportive role (not the driver or the doer but the supporter!)
  • If you are friends with me on Facebook you also saw a picture of Samuel’s dad with us on grad day! Holy wow, I haven’t been in a photo with my ex-husband in YEARS!!! There could be a boat load of lessons on forgiveness in this email, tooooo!
  • We get to CELEBRATE! Yes, friends, let us celebrate the big wins and the little wins and everything in between.

What lesson is written here for YOU today? 

What are you celebrating? 

(even in the midst of pain, confusion, and the unknown in our world!)




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