Oh momma….

I’m here in Mesa, Arizona loving my mom who is going through her final chemotherapy for Stage IV lung cancer. Here’s a few ah-ha’s from Shirley’s cancer journey and my supporting her:

  • When you ARE a good friend, you have an endless supply of GOOD FRIENDS. (My parents have a friend who has delivered soup to them 30 consecutive weeks!)
  • This is a game of paying it forward. Shirley and our family have received an outpour of love and support and instead of trying to adequately thank everyone we are committed to being GENEROUS with others needing our support going forward.
  • Everyone grieves differently. Some of us are reacting in fear, some with loads of optimism, and others in busyness.
  • I get to practice listening instead of talking. (Here’s a picture of me giving my mom a pedicure and letting her share her grief and disappointment in being such a healthy, active, fit woman who still got the raw end of life!)
  • We get to hold the HEAVY and HAPPINESS at the same time. (Holding my mom’s health situation + having a high school graduation all at the same time!) This is true self-leadership when we get to hold BOTH at the same time.

What heavy and happiness are you holding today?




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