There’s a lot going on in our world.

As a white woman, I realize that one thing that I’ve done is opted out of some of the hard conversations because I haven’t known how to fix racial injustices. I now see that I’ve been aware of things but acted like I was separate from it.

My being quiet is not serving people of color.

Whoa, my eyes are being OPENED this week.

I am inspired by what is happening in our world right now around Black Lives Matter, it needs to happen to WAKE US UP! We’ve been asleep and lulled into thinking that equality has figured itself out.

We get to shift!

And we get to start with our own family…

My young adult daughters have invited my mom, age 76, and me, age 52, to a 3-generation discussion on some uncomfortable topics. We call it our Girls Documentary Club. We each watch the selected show on our own, then we hop on Zoom from 4 different homes and discuss!

This week’s watch was on Facebook, Red Table Talks with Jada Pin

kett Smith, her daughter Willow Smith, and mother Adrienne Banfiled-Norris. We watched two videos round the topics of colorism and unpacking white privilege and prejudice. There’s something really cool about 3-generations of women learning from a 3-generation discussion!Even if you’re fe

eling small and possibly confused and scared, this is what Iknow. There is ALWAYS SOMETHING TO DO. There is always some small thing we can do and learn. It’s time for us to educate ourselves. White privilege is real and gosh dang, we need to understand it and talk about it. For me, it started with education of our own family and having some uncomfortable conversations…

There is always something to do — gets us out of victim-mode — what can you do today?




P.S. I’m hitting the PAUSE BUTTON this week on posting pre-recorded videos and editorial posts in Best Life Tribe to give attention to the large issues of the world. Tune into conversations with your people. I am here to listen and to learn with you.