Happy Fall, my friends…

We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary and it gave me the opportunity to think back over the past decade together!

What’s made our life in marriage #2 work out, here’s 8 things:

  1. I did not care that he sent me a “canned response” on the dating website. (It said “Love your smile,” instead of writing his own original comment. I assumed good intention and I am so GLAD we connected even if it was clicking a box!) 😄😄
  2. He did not take it personally that my oldest daughter despised him in the beginning. For several years (yes, years!) that sweet girl was NOT a fan of our relationship! REALLY
  3. He kept his eye on the prize of our long life together rather than only seeing that these kids living at home were a short part of the “whole” experience! Our kid-related traumas ranks up there!! He would have every reason to walk away from this “mess” but instead he saw the forest for the trees. He KNEW, that he knew, that he KNEW, that EVENTUALLY they’d grow up and move out! (GOOD NEWS—THEY HAVE! Empty nest ROCKS!!)
  4. I’ve accepted that he’s introverted and I’m extroverted. Which means if we get invited to 3 Christmas parties on one night, I’m pumped that he’ll accompany me to one of them! And I’ll throw my party pants on for an all-nighter!
  5. He joined me in a sport that could be fun and adventure injections into our life and do them TOGETHER! 🚲 ☀ I also became the biggest fan of his running, something that he loves.
  6. He outlined exactly what he needed to be “happy”. I still can’t believe how simple his list is and when I make sure he has those 3 things, our life is bliss. (Men are actually very simple to please, women are oftentimes complicated–just like me!!)
  7. We go to bed at the same time every night. No matter WHAT!
  8. Gobs of mutual respect and healthy debates. We don’t have to agree to be in a solid, loving relationship.

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