We were out walking and ran into Phil, our neighbor at the lake. We asked how they are fairing during quarantine and he said (with bulging eyes), “let’s just say my wife and I are bonding!!!!” 😳

Marriage in a quarantine, not for wimps!

How is your marriage doing 4-months into this wonky 2020?
If you had to rate your marriage on a scale of 1 to 10, what would it be?

I’d rate mine about an 8. (Which makes me wonder what HE would rate it as?????!!!!)🤔

Jonathan and I have gone through alllllll the phases as new empty-nesters: acting like we’re on vacation, totally annoyed by how loud the other one talks on work calls, you work too much/you don’t work enough, why don’t you help around here, who’s turn is it to make the coffee/walk the dog/make dinner to…most recently, you have to go back to the office whennnnn? 😔

What’s in the gap between an 8 and a level 10 marriage for us? Honest communication even when it’s hard, sharing expectations for what would make us both have great weekends, dropping my people pleaser mode, etc. Our action plan and I’m totally psyched = researching relationship workshops/marriage conferences that we can do online or in person so that we can get back to a Level 10!

Sooooo, let’s take a little temperature check on your relationships with yourself and others. Join me! I’ve listed a few questions to help you get started…

Questions To Ask Yourself:
What has brought you joy recently?
What is going well in your world right now?
What is something you’d like to change about your life/work/self-care?
What have you done for FUN in the last week? (I’m a big believer in PLAYFUL, lighten up!)
Who can you ask for help from this week? (It’s okay to ask for help. We are better together!)

Questions to Ask Your Significant Other:
When have you felt the most loved by me recently?
How would you describe our relationship right now?
How have you felt supported by me recently?
What can I do to show you love this week?
Let’s plan a special date night! What sounds fun to you?

What action step are you committed to taking TODAY to get your relationship to a level 10 with yourself and others? I’d love to hear! Email me at beth@bethmontpas.com, my inbox is a safe place for you to share. ❤️️

Cheering you on and sending love your way!





P.S. You guys. With social distancing in mind, I’m ready to put some very small intimate retreats together starting in August, September and October. Reply back with “Tell me more” for some GIRLFRIEND FUN to Ignite Your Life later this year…and I’ll make sure that you have all the deets. There’s some DAYTIME ONLY retreats and some I-can’t-wait-for-a-night-away retreats. I’m here for you, friend.