I’m in Arizona celebrating my dad’s 80th birthday. On Saturday we created a black tie event with two main goals in mind: celebrate my dad and FORGET for a few hours about Covid and cancer. We danced, we ate, we wore masks, we stayed safe.

My dad and I have always got along because we had this buffer named Shirley. My mom was (and is) connected to us kids and fills my dad in with what he needs to know! He was farming 16 hours a day and she was running the household. I get it, it worked.

Here’s a few life lessons I’ve grabbed over the years:

  • Their dedication and commitment to each other and their marriage is inspiring even when it wasn’t easy. I love you dad for loving mom for 58 years…
  • I can recall fondly my childhood if I look for the good. And…
  • I can also definitely recall the ugly from my childhood if I look for the yuck. It’s there.
  • A favorite saying of Elwood: He’d smell manure on the farm and say: “the smell of money!” 😂
  • This quarantine plus accepting my mom’s cancer after such an active, healthful life has softened the edges of Elwood Rake and that is one of the silver linings of 2020. ❤️️

Lean in, friends…lean in and grab the lessons and the sweetness of this unique, unbearable, strange, at times tragic time in our lives. 

What lessons are there for you? Maybe it’s remembering fondly a favorite saying from one of your parents or someone you admire? Maybe someone in your life has softened or shifted? Don’t miss it. Don’t miss the lessons that life is giving you.

Someone gave me the advice recently: “Beth, don’t be all gas and no brakes.” ah, good thoughts. I used to feel guilty of no activity. Now I get it that rest and slowing down is the very thing that enables me to see greatness in life…

Lean in and grab your lessons… 

I’d love to hear what you find, hit reply and share.

Happy 80th dad.





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