Beth and group uncovers blind spots in my life. What are things about myself that I am not seeing that I need to know to live my best life.


Inner Circle with Beth has been such a journey of self-discovery. I have grown more, been stretched further and have come to know myself better through Inner Circle than I ever thought possible! I was a classic list maker and “someday” person. I would write down all these wonderful things I wanted to be or to do. But that is where it stopped. Putting the action behind the wish list never seemed to happen! Being a tribe member in Inner Circle you don’t make a wish list of things you want to accomplish or the person you want to be. You create a DO list!! Inner Circle, with Beth as your coach, you make your dreams a reality. This is the best thing I have ever done!


I have juicer relationships because I reveal things about my life and others in the small group share back.



Up level your INNER game, grow your CONFIDENCE and take your life HIGHER (…and never go it alone.)

What’s Inner Circle?

A safe place to mastermind and get support from experienced, like-minded, high caliber people. Inside the INNER CIRCLE you’ll be among a super supportive community dedicated to amazing women who are looking to propel their dreams forward.


What’s Included?

  1. One FULL YEAR of resources, learning, support, inspiration & motivation!
  2. 24 gatherings (2 each month) in a year on a spectrum of topics
  3. Topics to be covered: Beauty, Sexiness, Worthiness, Self-love, Organization, Spirituality, Relationships, Health plus others the group decides.