I’m fired up!

My girls + a few clients + I just returned from the RISE Conference with Rachel and Dave Hollis in Minneapolis! (Think best selling author of Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing.)

So many eager women showed up ready to learn and work on their life!  The energy was contagious!  

BUT THE BEST PART FOR ME was seeing the whole show through my daughters’ eyes (ages 19 and 23). Through the 2-day conference they got access to dreams they didn’t know were inside of them. One wants to write a children’s book about being a divorced family. One wants to be in the FBI. And the really, really cool part?? They both have road maps to get them there.

AHHHHH–don’t you wish we’d learned this stuff when we were young!?

Or maybe you are still searching for your destination and want a road map from where you are to where you WANT to go in life or business?

I declared one of my decade dreams is to host a retreat for women who’ve had the rug of life ripped out from under them! I picture them flying in from around the country to rebuild their lives and ignite their wholeness and worth! This has been my dreams for YEARS! And now…I discovered one of my first steps on my road map to get me there is to create a mini-course that helps women come up for air after a life disruption! Stay tuned for the deets this fall!

Love having ah-ha’s!!

Do you want to have some ah-ha’s about YOUR life?? I’d love to be your thinking partner!  Email me at beth@bethmontpas.com and tell me your dream or schedule a time to chat this week!