Ignite Your Life Nation:  All Access Pass FAQ’s

Tell me more about these book studies!

Our book studies are usually 5-7 weeks in a row, where we meet for an hour. Winter, spring, summer, fall books, and sometimes a TED Talk or article discussion, too! They meet early morning, lunchtime or after work—in person AND online—designed to fit your schedule. I pick the books based on what the groups “need”. Hot topics: habits, loving your life, self-talk, happiness or joy, decluttering and any topics that fit us. We’ll cover a wide variety of topics.

How many people are in each group?

The groups are usually about 10-15 people for wonderful intimacy and deep connection. You’ll meet like-minded, uplifting people in all stages and areas of life.

How long is the commitment?

Many clients have stayed with me for years! We offer a 6-month commitment to start which BEST SERVES my clients—it’s not a one-time event, transformation is a lifelong process. Then after 6-months you choose whether you’d like to renew.

When does the next book officially start?

Official kick off for our next book is April 3rd & 4th, for 6 weekly sessions. I’m so eager to get started!

What times are each book study?

You choose which group fits your schedule best then I encourage you to stick with it in order to deeply connect with new and old friends!

8 AM CST Wednesday — West Des Moines
11:30 AM CST Wednesday — My house in Des Moines.
5 PM CST Wednesday — VIRTUAL via Zoom! Great option for any of you out of state friends or if you work full time and lunch doesn’t work.
11:30 AM CST Thursday — Ankeny

**Will add additional times as needed.

Why is this worth my time/money?

When you invest in yourself you are saying YES to a better life. When your cup is full, you show up as the best version of yourself for others. Are your weekly manicures and pedicures, daily coffee run, or [fill in the blank] spurring you on towards a more balanced life?? Let’s take hold of 2019 and invest in ourselves.   My job as a coach is to hold you to your vision, to not allow life’s inevitable interruptions to hold you back.  For this reason, if after 6 months of full participation you are not satisfied, I will give you a refund.

I am confident…

You’ll experience CONNECTION, you’ll grow YOUR MINDSET, you’ll plug into new ideas, grow friendships, and your whole life will be upleveled by pouring into yourself.

Contact me with any questions: beth@bethmontpas.com