Ignite Your Life Nation:  All Access Pass FAQ’s

Tell me more about these book studies!

Our book studies are usually 5-7 weeks in a row where we meet for an hour. Winter, spring, summer, fall books. They meet early morning, lunchtime or after work—in person AND online—to fit your schedule. I pick the books based on what the groups “need”. Right now we’re focused on productivity with The Compound Effect. Other hot topics for 2019: living in excess (decluttering) and a big hot one is habits. We’ll cover a wide variety of topics.

How many people are in each group?

The groups are usually about 8-12 people for wonderful intimacy and deep connection. You’ll meet like-minded, uplifting people in all stages and areas of life.

Is it really a whole year commitment?

Yes, a whole year commitment is what I have decided BEST SERVES my clients—it’s not an event, transformation is a lifelong process. Then after 12-months you choose to renew, or not.

Can I just do one book at a time, like I’ve done in the past?

I am not offering one book at a time. I feel it serves the client the best — more of a lifestyle than an event — to have an ongoing 12-month program!

When does the first book officially start?

Official kick off is January 30 and 31st! I’m so eager to get started!

What times are each book study?

You choose which group fits your schedule best then I encourage you to stick with it in order to deeply connect with new and old friends!

  • 8 AM Wednesday — West Des Moines
  • 11:30 AM Wednesday — My house in Des Moines.
  • 5 PM Wednesday — VIRTUAL via Zoom! Great option for any of you out of state friends or if you work full time and lunch doesn’t work.
  • 11:30 AM Thursday — Ankeny

**Will add additional times in 2019 as needed.

Why is this worth my time/money?

When you invest in yourself you are saying YES to a better life. When your cup is full, you show up as the best version of yourself for others. Are your weekly manicures and pedicures, daily coffee run, or [fill in the blank] spurring you on towards a more balanced life?? Let’s take hold of 2019 and invest in ourselves.

I am confident…

You’ll experience CONNECTION, you’ll grow YOUR MINDSET, you’ll plug into new ideas, grow friendships, and your whole life will be upleveled by pouring into yourself.

Contact me with any questions: beth@bethmontpas.com

Let’s make 2019 YOUR BEST YEAR!