I used to be late and frustrated all the time.

Can you relate?

I used to be a frustrated driver. I could almost feel the gray hair growing, my heart racing and the stress seeping from my forehead as I death-gripped the steering wheel, waiting for the stop light to change! I was so frustrated I was going to be late.

One day I decided that was no way to live!

I learned about reprogramming my mind about driving. I re-wrote a new way to think of myself as a calm, stress-free driver.

A few years ago, I started saying to myself each day as I backed out of my driveway,

  • “I am a relaxed driver.
  • I will use stop lights as an opportunity to breathe deep!
  • I will see the beauty around me as I drive.
  • I will allow larger margins of time to arrive at my destination with ease.”

I literally changed what I say when I talk to myself.

I’m leading an online summer group study of the book, What to Say When You Talk to Your Self by Shad Helmstetter. See the details here.

Just think, what could you reprogram your brain about how you talk to yourself? Procrastinating, working too much, nagging, being critical, being sarcastic, overindulging, worrying, wasting time, starting but not finishing things…

We become the living result of our own thoughts.

If you want to work on what you tell yourself, read and discuss this book with me.  We kick off June 13–all online!

I believe the loudest voice we hear all day is OUR OWN!