One September afternoon, I felt over caffeinated. I wondered if my blood pressure was high. I felt like I had this intense energy surging around in my body.

My heart was worked up. I felt stressed. I couldn’t relax.

I tried to go to yoga. But when the instructor didn’t show I didn’t practice.

The next day, same thing. I was full of what felt like a bunch of nervous, negative energy.

I realized on day 3 of this crazy cycle of energy churning around in my body, that I couldn’t remember the last time I had exercised. My short, little dog walks were more sauntering than exercise. They helped me clear my mind but not release any energy.

I thought to myself, “Get your ass outside and exercise!”

I knew I needed to listen to music only when I exercised to help release that energy— not content-filled podcasts this time! The lesson I learned: you cannot CONTAIN the energy. It’s better to MOVE IT OUT of your body with exercise.

Another of my favorite ways to MOVE is through Facebook Lives with Tanita that we met at the Rachel Hollis conference. Works great to wake up my body or move out energy with dance! Catch her Live several days a week at Move.Dance.LIVE w/Tanita. It’s sure to put a smile on your face!

What do you do to MOVE? What’s your best remedy for moving extra energy out of your body?

Now when I get stressed, I MOVE my body! How do you get negative energy moved out of your body?




P.S. One of my other favorite ways to center my mind & calm my body is mindfulness YOGA! Any other yogis out there?! At my next retreat, I have one of my new yoga friends leading us through practice! I hope you’ll be there to join in too.