I’ve wasted years self-loathing the width of my hips, my cellulite and my not-flat stomach! Rarely giving myself any acknowledgment for birthing four amazing children from that body! I am striving to move from body loathe to body love…it’s a decision I’ve made, and every day I get to move closer to the LOVE. And once I dropped into body love, I have been able to release weight that I didn’t want to carry and accept my body as is! 

This topic came up several times this week with my clients, that many of us torture ourselves about body perfectionism. Many of us obsess over the size or shape of our bodies! Do you?

Many of you know I am an intermittent faster. I’ve lost weight about 20-25 lbs in the past two years and I feel really great. Nothing better than getting back to the size (and confidence!) that I was when I got married!

During my journey I have detached from the idea that my self-worth has anything to do with my size, the number on the scale, or the shape of my body! It’s how I FEEL in my body that matters.

I’m not sure where you’re at in your journey with your body, but many women want their body to be perfect. I am now in gratitude and thanking my legs and muscles that they have been able to carry me on my bike across the state of Iowa 13 times! I don’t have to apologize to anyone about my body.

One of the phrases that has helped me is this: “I am more than my body!“ repeat after me: “I am more than my body!” (I use these cards to lift me up. Created by the amazing Louise Hay. Read this by her: Love Your Body!)

The coach I am working with in 2019 has given me an invitation to “dress to the nines every day!” no matter what I’m doing. Which means even when I meet my beloved clients on the phone or Zoom that I am dressed my best! She knows my self-worth is intimately linked to how I feel in my body! How I feel is reflected in how I’m dressed and whether I have make up on not. I’m building on that and declared wearing bold lipstick colors so that I feel on point and in my full power. I show up powerfully for my clients when I am feeling good about myself!

What do you do to feel powerful? Does the way you’re dressed have any correlation to how you feel?

Is it time for you to start loving your body? Do you get to shift from body loathe to body love? 

Let’s agree to drop our pursuit for body perfectionism and really love ourselves AS IS today. Who’s with me?