How is your self-talk?

We’re diving into it today. I mean if you are really, truly honest with yourself, what kinds of messaging do you think to yourself all day long? For most of us, our self-talk is working against us! Can you relate to any of these statements that you’ve said (or thought) to yourself?

  • I’m not smart enough to ______ (create my own business.)
  • I don’t know enough about parenting, marriage, spirituality, _______, etc.
  • I’m not organized enough. (or young enough, talented enough, etc.)

Here’s the good news: We become the living result of our own thoughts. The brain believes what we tell it!

Let me share a story with you, my dear clients to illustrate the point. I played sports when I was growing up in school. (Anybody else play sports?? I grew up in a small town Iowa and to have enough kids to play we all played all 4 sports!) One day in the 8th grade, my volleyball coach pulled me aside and told me that I was too heavy and overweight and was not athletic enough to be a volleyball player. I was stunned! Here’s where the story really goes dark…I believed her and dropped out of all athletics. And sadly, I kept the coach’s messaging with me for decades! 

Yet to date, I am most certainly an athlete. I walk at least one mile every single day! I’ve ridden by bike across the state of Iowa 12 times! (Who is insane enough to do it once?!) Ta-da! That is a lot of pedaling. I AM athletic and nobody gets to tell me that I’m not.

What phrases do you need to deep clean out of your brain and rewrite? We can rewrite how our brains are wired. I changed my mental programming and so can YOU! 

Are you up for a challenge, _____? I want you to write down the negative belief you are gripping so tightly onto. “I’m not ______ enough.” “If only I _______.” Whatever it is, write it down & now this is the fun part. I want you to RIP IT UP. That’s right. Throw that negativity away literally or burn it in the fire. THEN. Write a new positive belief statement. For me, it’s “I AM athletic. I AM fit.” When you catch yourself saying your old negative belief, purposefully replace it with your new phrase and you will quite literally rewire your brain. Say it out loud in the mirror. Scream it in the car! Tattoo it on your body (alright, we’re getting wild here…) You know what I mean. Whatever you need to do to remind yourself of WHO you truly are. Do that.

Send me a selfie with your new positive statements to! I’d be honored to cheer you on.



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