I have been a human “doing” all my life. In the past I have decided my worth based on how many things I get done on my to-do list in a day. I used to decide if it was a good day or a bad day depending on how much I achieved! Can anyone else relate?
For years, I have followed success experts that focused on productivity and valued efficiency. I have tried to do more in less time, at the cost of my health, relationships, and my sanity! You know what I found trying to “DO” more? I found a lot of frustration and plenty of ‘Not enough-ness’.
In the past year, it has been shown to me by my coach and leadership peers that to get more done doesn’t mean staying up an extra hour. Instead it means unplugging. Relaxing. AND letting go of my tight grip on my to-do list.
It’s not about my DOING, it’s about my BEING.

In 2020 I am shifting the way I live. I am a human BEing! I want to focus on a deeper sense of BEing a loving, connected, inspiring woman. Every day I declare how I am going to “be” and really connect to myself, and stop all this busy doing. I can relax, love and care for myself by giving myself the gift of naps, relaxing, and not all that doing!

One of my favorite books that I led many of you through reading in a book study was Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning. His book is about getting up early to sit in silence, do affirmations, visualize your day, exercise/stretch, read, and journal. All the things that help you create the start of a beautiful day of “enough-ness” and set a pace that is not frenetic. How you start your day sets the tone for the rest of it.

My kids are a MIRROR for my life (so are yours!) and a few months ago my 19-year old son was open to attending a conference led by this author. I wish I knew THEN, what I know NOW. It was an easy investment to send him to San Diego, invest in a 4 night hotel stay for him to get around people playing a bigger game than him. And he came home inspired to spend more quiet time, down time, less doing, more being.

Which best describes you: human being or a human doing? What action steps will you take TODAY to be a human BEing more?

Maybe it’s saying YES to that nap, putting your phone to bed to spend some uninterrupted time with your spouse after the kids go to sleep, or driving in the car in silence rather than cramming in another podcast or phone call.


Email me at beth@bethmontpas.com to tell me your action step!

Cheering you on always,






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