When I dropped my daughter off at college to Arizona State University I was invited to participate in something brand new to me, that I’ve never experienced before! Anyone done Chant Yoga?

I was invited by a very special friend, Katori, that I met in San Diego at the leadership conference I’ve told you so much about. This woman stands for love, peace and creativity. She is a beautiful human being who I would probably never be friends with on my own without meeting her at a conference that was set up for connection.

This friend who just happens to live in Arizona, invited me to her weekly chant yoga! For one moment I thought “Nah, I don’t know what that is!”

And then I recalled that as I strive to choose love, I want to be OPEN and non-judgmental. I quickly responded with, “yes, tell me when and where”. I had to convince my daughter to let me take a break from unpacking, drive across town and entered a room of mostly strangers.

As I sat down on my blanket I knew I was in a welcoming environment and instantly felt I couldn’t do “this” wrong. All the participants and the leader were kind. It was so free, easy-going and reassuring to be welcomed with love.  The experience was an hour and 15 minutes of part singing, part words and 100% bliss and gratitude. I made a few sounds and listened, but mostly I was just present, with no distractions and very few stray thoughts (of the apartment or my daughter awaiting my work!)

Why am I sharing this story with you? If this had been a few years ago, there’s no way in hell that I would’ve done something as different as this! I’d have been a “judgey-judger” as my friend calls it. I would’ve preferred a “safe lunch date” over this!

Today, after focusing on personal growth and transformational work, I am a more open and willing to try new things. And my life feels more filled with love, acceptance, joy and adventure.

Are you open to try new things? Are you willing to risk being uncomfortable? Do you have deep routines and only one way of doing things?

Here’s the lesson: to fully experience the world in a beautiful, fuller way… Be open.  Choose love! I challenge you, this week, to intentionally try something new. Take a selfie or send me an email about your NEW experience!




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