Last week I coached someone who had just merged two households and was struggling with too much stuff. She thought all her answers were going to be found in decluttering her home. After asking more questions I found out while the stuff is still a problem, the REAL problem was disconnection between her and her fiancé. They were living separate lives. We coached about opening their big hearts, stop taking the victim stance and create some massive connection!

I am sharing this story with you because I think every person on my list craves real connection with their people. I know, I do!

I recently did a core values exercise and know that one of mine is CONNECTION. It’s why I source so many clients that want real, big-hearted connection in their lives. You come to me so I can spot it and then we can shift it! Because we don’t want to have any regrets in our life, right? Do you want a no regrets life? I know that I do. We want someone to show us our blind spots! And then we want to be brave and take action to do something about those blind spots.

I love this testimony from Brenda (who may just very well be, my absolute BEST CLIENT. If I held an event at 3:00 AM she’d probably come! And bring her 10 friends.) She has a vibrancy about her that draws friends to her beautiful helping personality. Here’s what Brenda has said about joining a small group coaching: “Uncovering any blind spots in my life. What are things about myself that I am not seeing that I need to know to live my best life.”

I’m putting together another small group in 2020 (starting in February or March probably) Will you raise your hand 🙋 and tell me if you want more details? And if you’re brave, my invitation to you is to complete this application sharing why you’re searching for a tribe to join.

If you are looking for connection, a no-judgement group and want to build your community so you can personally grow, I’d love to help you create the greatest year of your life. 





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