Hello! I am just home from a business coaching conference in San Diego. I’m always blown away by these kinds of experiences for many reasons!

First of all, just getting myself out of town/leaving home is a major feat! There are sacrifices that have to be made by everybody. Including little things like my kids didn’t water any of the patio flowers while I was gone! Argh! And big things like choosing to miss my annual bike ride across Iowa to go to the conference and invest in my business. Life is full of choices.

The conference had 105 powerhouse men and women in the room. I was shocked at my daily battle with insignificance. How can I feel like a rockstar at home as a businesswoman, wife, and (sometimes, ok occasionally, a mom) and then when I’m around powerful, successful leaders I dim my light? I was so frustrated with myself for having these feelings.

Have you ever been there? Is it hard for you to shine when you’re around a lot of shiny people?!

I had to remind myself of a few things this week:

  • I am enough.
  • I get to play BIG and SHINE!
  • It’s easy to forget that I am an inspiring, connected, powerful woman! And anything I could do to remind myself is valuable like drinking out of this coffee mug every morning. Can you read the message on my cup?
  • Getting out of your home turf/comfort zone is always eye-opening! Wow, big awareness!
  • Life and business are only hard if I say so. How can I let life (or business) be easy, simple, beautiful, etc are the questions I get to sit with today.
  • I am enough! YOU are enough!

What list do you need to write to yourself today? I’d love to have you hit reply and tell me if you can relate?




P.S. While I was at my conference (at breakfast, right over my avocado toast, I handed over my credit card!), I found my next coach! I realized my life/business is off if I’m ever not coaching with someone. Even coaches need coaches! Have you ever worked with a coach? I’d love to give you a free coaching session to see if we’re a good fit. Click here to get on my calendar.