Sometimes I make life really hard. I used to think meal prep, laundry, writing an article, visiting my in-laws were hard work. Actually they were hard, because I said they were hard. I made them hard. I thought they required longer work hours, more brute force, more, more, more. 

But what if…we decided that meal prep can be a way to connect with a family member instead of a huge, daunting task? What if we turned the music up and jammed on a Saturday morning to make house cleaning fun? (this is the conversation at my house as my house cleaner of 10 years just announced she’s done!) What if I invited my genius in to find my flow and writing became effortless? What if we redefined how I view visiting parents—how can we add some fun to it? It’s all in what we decide. It’s in our perspective.

Where are we continuing to make things hard? Up until now–what have you made hard?

Friend, have you ever heard of laugh yoga? One of my clients shared that a meeting she attended kicked off with 90-seconds of laughing, and the facilitator didn’t even tell a joke! They spent the first part of the agenda laughing—getting in a state of light and love—they changed their state of BEING. It was a brilliant way to shift the attendees into fun and playful mode. Turn on the fun switch!

We all want freedom, joy, and love in our lives. We get to add fun to our lives and lighten up! We get to surrender!  Let’s add some more fairy dust girls! How can YOU lighten the mood? For me, it’s laugh yoga and spontaneous dance parties during the work day to remember to not take myself so darn seriously. Check out this 20 second video that is guaranteed to make you smile!

Email me at and tell me how you could lightened up?