This past weekend I spent 3 days in a full immersion retreat to help five FUN and SUCCESSFUL women write their next chapter by creating businesses they love. It was a Dream. Come. True. to hang out with these vibrant, life-lovers!!

(You guys all think I do this life coach job FOR YOU, ahahahahahaha—I do it for ME!! Jk, jk) 

These Des Moines and one from Michigan women are all givers, who looked down the road of life and knew they had more music still inside them and chose to raise their hand to the Coaches Mastermind. They are committed to taking their life experience and not waste a tragedy 😱 by sharing it out into the world through coaching, mentoring, training businesses over the next few months. Look out world!

It was actually electrifying to see these womens’ dreams be created right before my very eyes. I felt like we “gave birth” to their niche and how they get to help others with their journey! They have big dreams around career, wellness, movement, motherhood, adventure, and faith! Through a supportive mastermind they get to help each other send their message out into the world and geesch, you think the world needs a little help right now?! (BIG YES!)

If you are a fun and successful woman who wants help writing your next LIFE chapter (not biz necessarily but your life!), I’d love to meet you, get to know you, and see if we’re a good fit for an upcoming group coaching program, or maybe personal coaching. Whatever fits your fancy.




P.S. Dang, you missed it! Coaches Mastermind for this year is closed 🛑 But——if you want help writing your next chapter OF YOUR LIFE, I’m alllll ears! Sign up for a FREE call with me today! 😘

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