Feeling the birthday love.❤️🎉

The kids hosted a family Zoom on the eve of my 53rd with a slideshow of pictures and messages from themselves, clients, friends + the dog! Then we celebrated on a local patio for dinner with the Des Moines crew on my actual birthday! Super grateful.

THANK YOU for all the messages, texts, and calls. I am feeling like the luckiest gal in the world! I have the best job and get to work with wonderful clients like YOU–sure doesn’t feel like work.

My 53rd Birthday Reflections…

  1. Words of affirmations are more special than gifts. I’m rotten at gift giving and would rather send fun audio messages to share my positivity and joy. Do YOU!
  2. Having my 24-year old work alongside me really allows her to SEE ME in my “flow” (thus the mug gift, LOL!) Do your children and husband and besties REALLY KNOW what you do!?
  3. TIME with my people feels me UP. I’ve worked from home my whole life showing these kids what gift of time means, now I’m in the RECEIVING stage of life where they KNOW to smile for my pictures (and there’s a LOT of picture-taking going on!), show up to celebrate every little thing that’s good for anyone in our family’s life, etc! You gotta teach people how to treat you.
  4. Age is just a number. I’ve never felt more alive, vibrant, radiant or on FIRE! If you don’t feel that way most days, speak up! Ask for what you need, you get to be supported.

Thanks again for the birthday Insta, FB posts, and texts!




P.S. I have already told a FEW of you but if you haven’t heard, I’ve got an exciting new business partner for a brand new project, I’ll be introducing her to you all soon…meanwhile think, badass, magically creative with content, and so very LIKEABLE, you’re going to LOVE HER! And we’re cookin’ up something juicy we’ll be rolling out this fall to kick off 2021! Ooooooooooooh, fasten your seatbelt!