I can see light at the end of the summer tunnel. Only a few weeks and the kids will be back in school. Summer is almost over whether we like it or not!

Right now, I am working with a group of women who are focused on intentional living and I am soooo inspired by them. I wake up and can’t wait to get after it again to show up as the leader I want to be for them. To give you a peek behind the curtain as to what we’re up to… we set a vision stretch project for 90 days around something that would have the biggest impact on our lives! ONE THING that if we conquered IT, we’d create incredible momentum in our lives.

Some of the projects these women are creating:

  • Health (losing weight, moving more, mental health, etc)
  • Creating an ideal week and working on their schedule/a perfect day!
  • Ramping up their spiritual life.
  • Connecting with neighbors, our beloved family members, and other relationships–taking them deeper!
  • Creating a new business or taking their business to the next level.
  • To create self-love and self-care (OH MY GOSH, you can’t know how much I love this one!)

There’s an endless list of what area of life, if you had a breakthrough, would carry you leaps forward in your whole life.

Life just keeps slipping by at neck breaking speed, isn’t it? The next 90 days will go back being intentional or not!

What would be YOUR 90 day goal? What area would you choose?

I am focused on being braver. Living will less fear and more boldness! What are you up to? Email me at beth@bethmontpas.com.




PS. If you want a group to be your accountability partners, join Ignite Your Life Nation. I’m starting another group August 8 and they are fastening their seat belts to take action on the vision for our life!