This post is dedicated to all the readers who are trying to get it all done.

This might be the first fall that I have actually really SEEN the beautiful trees that are filled with Iowa fall colors. I mean, I’ve lived in Iowa all 52 years of my life, so I’ve had 52 fall seasons but … (I’m guessing you may already know this about me, ha…) news flash: I run at a pretty good clip. I mean just LOOK at my Facebook feed and you’ll see ALL THIS LIFE that I’m living over here! I have so MUCH that I want to do and people that I want to connect with that…really…WHO HAS TIME for noticing the tree leaves?!



Up until now… (my new favorite line!!)


So I declared in 2019 to work on my “being-ness” and not be so caught up in “doing!” Society rewards having a checklist and getting lots checked off every day. But nowhere on the list is BE GRATEFUL or BE KIND. When all you focus on is DOING, all you get is tired. And you still feel pretty empty or exhausted. BEING is way more soul-filling.

And the reason all this doing is a problem is because I’ve taught it to my children. (Heck, I learned it from my mom and my grandma!) I watch as my kids are burning the candle at both ends, they are working full-time jobs, starting businesses, staying up late, getting up early, practically killing themselves with the DOING because that is what they know.

So I’ve enrolled at least one or two of them to go on this journey with me. To BE more and DO less. My son shared this story as we stumble around trying to figure this slowed down, deep breathing, more thoughtful way to live:

Eli: “Mom, after my workout today, I laid on my yoga mat for 20 minutes and did NOTHING, just to be.”
Me: “Great job!”
Eli: “I can’t tell any of my friends that I’m doing this because they’ve been sitting on their couch for like 3-days and can’t figure out what’s so exciting about 20 minutes!!!!”
Me: laughing…”I know buddy. Keep slowing down. Keep being.”

If you’re like me and have always been a hustler. If you’ve thought to get more done meant to stay up an hour later. My invitation to you is go to bed an hour earlier, attend a yoga class to connect you to yourself, take a nap, go for a walk with music, meditate. Whatever fills up your soul, in a way that checking off a task simply cannot fulfill.

Less doing, more being.

What’s landing for you about this topic? Can you relate? How are you shifting from DOING to BEING?

I am learning to accept, I will die one day with an inBox that’s full. Anyone ready to join me and give up some of the doing? I’m ready to live more fully, surrender, have fun and relax and BE. You with me?




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