Last Friday I got to meet up with a small group of women who wanted to keep momentum going on their Year in Gear plans. They knew they wanted support on their dreams and goals because let’s face it, life is messy. Life pulls us off track. Life is like a toddler having a tantrum and demands our attention. And our dreams and goals whisper.

Speaking of whisper, I JUST started the most amazing book study with 4 of my girlfriends called Whisper by Mark Batterson. Anyone read it?! It’s about listening to God’s whispers for your life. POWERFUL!! I’m only on Chapter 1! He gives examples of the whisper’s he’s heard in his lifetime and when he listened, and took committed action, the amazing results! Grab the book if you want to hear some testimonies that will rock your world about slowing down, pausing and listening more to the nudges! (And…know that I walk the talk. I lead book studies for YOU, and I participate in book studies for ME because I know they are powerful and life-changing and a perfect opportunity to pause.)

Yes, our dreams, goals, priorities and plans, they whisper. Some days they are barely audible at all. They are so quiet and wait patiently to be noticed. And that is why they are so easily “lost” or drowned out. The rest of life is loud and obnoxious and always willing to throw us off our game.

How well are you listening to the whispers of your dreams and goals, Friend? What could you do today to pause life and really note that we are done with the first quarter of 2019 and saying hello to second quarter? Who do you need to BE (it’s not all about the doing!) to make April-May-June powerful and meaningful and move your life and business forward?

Here’s to listening and tuning into the whispers of life!