Let’s get real. We have A LOT of distractions in our life!

I can easily spend hours scrolling through Facebook. And when I’m done I feel the same way I do after I devour a bag of potato chips! I don’t always feel the best. Oh yes, I see some cute babies, wonderful weddings, and sweet friendships but if we are honest, we are also allowing traffic in our mind that’s negative, worrisome, and fearful all day and night through the media & watching the news! Tell me I’m not alone in this feeling…

Probably 20 years ago I stopped watching live TV. I know that may seem drastic to you. We stopped getting the newspaper and cable TV too. As I look back, I am grateful that I don’t have that influence in my life. I don’t miss it at all. It gives me more intentional time with my family & allows me to be selective in what I consume.

What are you allowing in your life? I have family members who watch three hours of the Today Show to start off their day! And I am married to someone who is in love with CNN. (Sorry, honey, am I wrong?! 😬)

I’ve been more conscious about who I follow online and whose books I read because they can either impress positive or negative thoughts on my life. I’ve swapped out time that I use to listen to music while exercising/cooking/cleaning for meaningful podcasts and interviews. (Need some podcast suggestions?! Hop on over to the Facebook post in our Best Life Tribe for podcasts that many people there love. Share your favorites too!)

In what ways do you need to control your media intake? Do you need to adjust how often you see that friend’s rant on FB? Maybe unsubscribe from a magazine that reminds you every month that your body isn’t “perfect”? (Girl, you’re beautiful exactly how you are!!!) What is it for YOU? Email me at beth@bethmontpas.com to tell me what you are going to do RIGHT NOW to feed your mind with growth & positivity rather than negativity today?

Here is your reminder that you are in control over what you read, follow, and fill your mind, body, and soul. My hope for you today is that you would influence your life with JOY & whatever fills your cup.

Happy day. Go be good to yourself and others.