Life’s been different for most of us for a while…we’ve adapted and changed to go with the times (that’s our specialty, right?!). It also means we’ve changed or become more aware of how we approach life. So I did a little reflection and thought I’d share with you, then you can share yours with me!

How have you changed while safer at home?

Here’s what I’ve realized…

1. I am on my phone…way too much. I am also working way more than I thought I was. I told Jonathan that I’m not doing anything different, he is just now here to watch it!! And point out to me what is not working in my life. Humbling moment. I get to be curious about how to shift this.

2. I don’t have FOMO right now. I used to suffer from fear of missing out. Well, nobody is doing anything and I’m so at peace, content, happy and this shelter in place time could go on for a couple more months before I’d ever get to all my list of books to read, movies to watch, programs to create or women to encourage!

3. That I adore when Jonathan cooks. That I’ve cooked for the last ten years and it’s HIS turn! And I feel taken care of and pampered. Plus it’s grilling season, so all is good at the lake with Grill Master Jonathan.

4. That the days go by incredibly fast. I cannot believe how fast each day flies. We are in a beautiful routine of not setting our alarms and waking up naturally. Get into our offices at a decent hour. Him downstairs, me upstairs. We enjoy evening walks and drives and connecting with the other family members.

5. That I can let go of control. This has been the hardest, biggest lesson to learn, by far. When my 17-year old senior in high school asked to live with his dad during this crazy pandemic I got to accept that “this is not about me” that this is HIS journey. I had to surrender to being the #1 parent and instead of being the star player, move into being a supporter. And we are a month into it and it’s already been a win-win-win for everyone involved. LET GO and LET GOD — for the win!

I want to give you some space to reflect today too. How have you changed while safer at home? For good and not-so-good. All of it is feedback and good to think about. Hit reply and share your list with me! I miss seeing your faces each week and would love to connect.





P.S. I’m thinking and dreaming of connection and REST with all of you this summer. Check out our 2020 Ignite Your Life Retreat dates!